14_2_rs copyI’ve got to the point where I can shut out most of the back ground chatter when I get into my mode. Instead of a filled room I can focus on the few nearest me. I do get the occasional background that comes forward. The dominant female is still the most vocal but is shadowed. The original dominant male has been taken over by the minor male. He’s quiet but makes his presence known. Mumbling and throat clearing. He appears in my minds eye as thin and tired. Balding and wears wire rimmed glasses. A messy long sleeved button up shirt with the arms rolled. He also seems to be from the 1940’s era. His watch is expensive for that time.

14note copy The female and male aren’t as vocal this time. I kept going just to listen. They don’t seem to like each other and are only brought together through me. As the female spoke I kept notes on the back of the drawing. A friend “Barb or Brenda” has or will pass away. “Animal attack” may or may not be associated with that. The color “White” I picked up in a sentence the female said. “I nenna white knockba shof”. Finally “I know that she’s gone” was the female arguing with the male. Also, a fragrance of cherry’s came through. What it reminded me of was Fanta Red Cream Soda which I haven’t had since I was a kid. If they still make it, try one.


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