The Hallway Man

In our neighborhood there wasn’t any crime. We could run around at all hours and not be afraid. That’s what would happen when we told our parents we were camping out in someones back yard. I met “K” from our little league baseball team. The first time I entered his house,  I noticed all the family. There was a lot of them. What stuck out the most was the door area going to the basement. It had a darkness to it. There were several rooms in the basement, a bedroom/bathroom and a large open room. It was always dark and we never went in there. It wasn’t off limits, more like avoided.

We camped out in his tent in the back yard a few times in the summer. It was fall when I stayed over night and we slept inside. He had a trundle bed. I slept on the lower part that night. A night light in the bathroom lit up the hall. Not bright but enough to make out the other bedroom and closet door shapes. The furnace kicked on and warm air blew in my face. I woke up and moved back from the edge of the bed. At the same time someone walked past the bedroom going towards the bathroom. There wasn’t any sound. I’m still looking out at the hall. A shadow man walked into the bedroom doorway and stood there. It was just a figure, no face. I noticed he didn’t touch the floor. His legs fade out as they reached the knees. There was a transparency, I could make out the door to the bedroom behind him. He just stood there for a moment. He turned and walked towards the living room. I heard the doorknob to the basement snap closed.

This was about the time I was learning to never say anything. It wasn’t a good time in life to be made fun of any more than they already did. A few years later we were on the country roads drinking beer. The girls with us said they were scared being out there. Keith then started talking about the ghost man that use to look in his bedroom. How he walked passed then came back to look in. He described exactly what I saw almost 10 years earlier.


maninthehall copy


10 responses to “The Hallway Man

  1. Yes its not uncommon to see half of a figure.. it must have been a scary thing to see when you were younger.. But good to get validation you had seen what you had some years later..

    I like how you managed to replicate the photo experience..
    Enjoy your week

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  2. What I found really interesting is that you saw this shadow being in a hallway. During the years that I saw shadow people, they most frequently moved through the hallway outside my bedroom. Fortunately for me, I never saw anything directly. They were always seen in my peripheral vision. I know someone who said she often sees some kind of shadow near her daughter’s bedroom door. I’m starting to wonder why these shadows like creeping around in hallways 😛


  3. I spent summers with my grandparents in a big farmhouse. I saw things there. I was very spooked because, when my uncle died ( at 24) they placed his coffin in the great room, flowers and all for the wake. I was very impressionable so later wrote it off as being subjected to this type of thing (common in the country). Nice post Mike.

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