Quarter to Dollar

I’ve talked about finding Quarters before. Finding them went from one random one once in a while to finding them in 3’s lately. This evening I had to get my wallet out to change an expired online account. After 2 years it was time to clean my wallet out. There were 4 fishing license, probably 10 rewards cards to places I never go, an old insurance card, etc. Then a coin falls out from behind my credit cards. I thought what the hell. I thought it was a token or something. I’ve never seen it before, I didn’t even know what it was. I got my wallet put back together. The coin was in my pile to throw out, but when I picked it up I saw it said $1 on one side. I’ve never seen this before and I’m thinking what in the hell is this? Where did it come from? I did a Google search and it’s a real United Stated $1 Presidential coin. I never knew these existed, I’ve never seen one until now. How did it get in my wallet?


coin_2 copy



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