# 11

11_rs copy

#11:  I sank into my tranquil mode easily. The female came through first. This time she was quiet and spoke softly and slower. She spoke in broken English, a heavy accent. She seemed to be shadowed, a red back ground. I picked up the following words from her:
“nope to condray”
“now i’m telling”
This might not be what she’s saying but that’s what I’m hearing. When I started adding color I felt the presence to my left again. I can feel the heaviness of someone next to me. The rustling of a human body. Again, while I’m adding color, the new lone male came out saying the same thing. He’s in the field near the intersection. He can hear people, no one see’s him. He’s injured, mortally wounded. Maybe shot or beaten. What started as brightly lit colors turned dim, monotonous.


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