Sketch #9


#9: I stopped and started this one a few times. I couldn’t get into my tranquil mode to hear or feel anything. What came over me the most was the hatred I had for the town I grew up in. Hatred or a great dislike for it. I was 19 or 20 when I left, there wasn’t any desire to return, I tried a few times. Each time reminded me why I left. I had a personal Facebook account for a while. It connected me to where I grew up. At first I had all these friends, then I slowly started deleting them until I just closed the account.

I decided after a while to add color. That’s when I started picking up a new male voice. A lone male hidden or hiding. “In field” and “you will find me in the field”, he kept repeating. His location was a northern part of a state, he didn’t live there.


9 responses to “Sketch #9

  1. Mike, I find it interesting that the squares underneath (like a checker board) are dark (perhaps representing how you felt boxed in during that time in your life). The circles over the squares flow with love (the color pink/red) indicating you are coming from a different place, a different perspective now.

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  2. Whoops…I didn’t get to finish. The angles suggest a struggle between the two emotions. That one straight line leading outwardly to the edge shows you the way out…that you have a choice, to live in the past or to let go and follow the path you are meant to travel.

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    • I never knew where to go and probably missed great opportunities. There’s a few lines in the Pink Floyd song, Time, that pretty much sums up everything:

      … then one day you find ten years have got behind you.
      No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun.

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