Minor Asked Me To Draw

I sat down here to watch TV, something I rarely do. A computer is connected as an HTPC. Watching TV for about 15 minutes was enough. Turning the computer on and surfing my bookmarks on a larger screen is cool from the couch. Out of nowhere someone said something. I turned the volume down and turned my head to get a better idea where it came from. It wasn’t clear if it came from the computer or outside. Back to surfing, the volume was up just a little. I heard it again. A mumble but very distinct. I turned the sound down and listened. Trying to relax and clearing my mind I wanted to hear this voice or the sound I thought was a voice. Completely and clearly I heard “(mumble)…ain’t drawing”. The second male voice, the minor spirit chatter that mumbles, is coming through. He’s alone. The female, child and major male I can’t hear. This was completely out of nowhere. I wasn’t trying to do anything to interact or listen this time. He came to me.

I sat up and muted the volume. After several minutes of total silence I sat back. It felt like someone was in the room. I could really feel the presence. Something made me look at the bottom landing of the stairs. Just as I looked, a blurry wind type figure went up the steps. This was followed by what sounded like two light foot steps in the back bedroom (the computer room). This is also the same room with the active closet. Just as everything got quiet the mumbled word “draw” came through. I haven’t sketched anything for a few days, I’m wondering now if the this minor male has something to tell me. Maybe he’s entertained by my inability to draw anything.


12 responses to “Minor Asked Me To Draw

  1. You can find some of my Automatic writings upon my blog under that category .. And Linda is wise to remind you to ask for protection…

    There are many who wish to communicate.. Not all of of the higher vibration.. Some can be mischief makers..
    Wishing you well as you explore your gifts of communication and art..

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    • I came across automatic writing in December when I started these. I have trouble grasping pencils and using normal wrist movements, my right hand is pretty busted up. I have found things I wrote, mostly notes or names, in odd places. I opened my medicine cabinet and I had wrote a line from a song. I’m not sure if I sleep walk, yet

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    • (WordPress makes it difficult to carry on a conversation.)

      “How on earth do you manage to do your drawings?”

      I broke my thumb falling on ice, the bone came out. After that a ceramic water bowl broke in my hand and sliced it in half. the skin on the back of my hand kept everything together so it was sewn up, but there’s no feeling in my last two fingers. It’s like I’m pinching pencils.


      • Double ouch!… Which is showing me how much extra effort all that beautiful drawing takes. I purpose that extra Physiotherapy holding your pencils can only help to strengthen your muscles I know my hubby lost the feeling in 3 of his when the lawn mower sliced into them.. So I do sympathise with you Mike..


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