The Blue Lady Again

The store was crowded this morning. Went into my shell as I entered. Don’t look at anyone, just get what I need and get out. I did look up when I turned into an aisle. They moved it around, I don’t like change. I don’t like interruptions, my schedule has to be planned, everything is laid out ahead of time. If something is different panic sets in. It looked like the “Blue Lady” passed by my confused aisle. As usual she’s gone when I tried to catch up. She passed by the opposite end of the next aisle. It was her. Forget the food and the crowd, I wanted to cross her path again. Get her attention.

She’s trapped in the openness of the produce area. Her glowing blue aura, her light skin, her hair. Her hair looked different, or maybe I didn’t notice the first time how it was kept. That’s not a good thing if you’re married. Again, her back was turned as I tried really hard to not look obvious going towards her. I looked around, no one was watching. That’s cool. She moves toward the deli counter. I turned to come directly at her and she saw me. We both looked away, it felt like she knew I wrote about her, like she knows something. I pretend to look at the cheese as she gets near. I can feel her going around me, the soft blue aura passing behind me. A few feet away from me and suddenly I get the scent of burning wood. The taste is in my mouth. It’s the same Taste of Sleep from last Monday when my drains had clogged up…



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