Taste of Sleep

A vivid dream last night woke me up this morning around 3:30am. Two dogs viciously fighting over top of me. The sounds of fighting to the death was real. There was a smell of burning wood. I was holding my breath under a dog fight. All I could do was cover my face with my arms. It felt like my wrists were tied. I had to breath and that’s when I woke up. My mouth was filled with burning smoke. Instead of inhaling for air I blew out. The taste was terrible. I hung over the side of my bed getting my breath, feeling sick and wondering what just happened. I turned the light on and got up to get a drink, my mouth was burning from the taste of burned wood. I turned on the bathroom light. My sink was filled with dirty stinking water. I tried to clear it but it came back up. The tub and commode are o.k., it’s only the sink. I have the door closed, I brushed my teeth in the kitchen. They’re coming to snake my drain. I’m going to be watching that closely…



2 responses to “Taste of Sleep

  1. Very weird! I often had dreams when I woke back up frightened, it could have been just one of those things, I suggest you write the dreams and times you wake up and see if a pattern develops x

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    • I’m trying to be aware and keep track of things as they happen. It’s hard to remember as time goes on, they happen so frequently that it seems like normal behavior. The one thing about this dream was putrid taste of smoke in my mouth, I quit smoking 5 years ago. I smell it too often but I don’t want to taste it.


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