Sketch #1 and 2

Spirit Sketch:

I had to learn to hold and manipulate drawing mediums. I had to get my coordination’s in sync. What I wanted to come out, wouldn’t. As I struggled to accomplish a once simple feat, my mind and body became relaxed. Typical ambient sounds were miles away, but as I listened I could hear the never ending background spirit chatter begin to slow. What’s usually a crowd started becoming a group. I would stop to see where my drawing was going and at the same time I was trying to focus on the chatter. I would keep going, and listening.

I’m not a trained artist or even claim to know anything about what art is. These sketches are what came out. There’s no predetermined idea, I found that too difficult to achieve. What comes out is what I end up with. I’ll try to remember the thoughts, chatter and feeling as I go. These first few drawings I had no clue would keep on going. They are what they are…

#1: working on coordination and grip. 2 hours



#2: working with colors and blending. this is when I started focusing on the chatter. connecting, erasing, adding more to listen. 3 settings to complete, roughly 12 hours.


2 responses to “Sketch #1 and 2

    • the first one is one of probably 10 i didn’t throw away. I might do it again in a different way. I was trying to hold a pencil and sharpie, so it was mainly practice. The next ones have more color…

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