Spirit Sketch

A few months ago my brother asked me to draw him a tattoo. I haven’t drawn anything since high school. To top it off, I’ve broke my thumb and sliced my hand in half. I can’t grasp with my thumb and my last two fingers are numb. But he planted the seed. I bought a drawing table off Craigslist and some cheap supplies at Walmart to get me started. If I got bored with it (like I do a lot of things I start) I’m not out a bunch of money.

There were no ideas, no where to start. First I had to get use to holding a pencil and manipulating it. Then I had to have a subject. I doodled just to get the feel and coordination. As I did this I could feel a peacefulness. No recollection of time, no urgency. The longer I sat the calmer I felt, the calmer I felt the more I could hear the spirit chatter. This time the chatter was slower, not as crowded. I could make out a word once in a while. It is a male and a female towards the front.

I chose shapes to draw and I kept adding shapes to those shapes and lines to circles and circles to edges and to squares with lines, and…

I just kept going to listen to the spirit conversations. I started to see how Sarah Winchester felt. Keep going, keep going, add more and more, except I’ve never been a heir to anything that’s killed anyone. I sat for 7 hours drawing lines the last time. A few times I took a week to finish. These spirits have a lot to say. I just want to know what it is. I think I’ve found a door to open.




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