Cat’s Warning

My first cat “Stink” was a kitten when I had his front paws declawed because of my leather furniture. They were bleeding and sore. He could barely walk and wouldn’t use his litterbox. He wouldn’t even jump up on the couch or get on the bed. One night I had just fallen asleep. I get woken up by the cat pawing my face. He’s screaming and has this distressed look. His eyes are wide open. The first thing I did was look at his paws. He just kept screaming and didn’t want me touching him. He ran and set by the front door. I just thought there was another cat outside. I was in the living room getting my thoughts together. I had this overwhelming feeling of dread. Something is happening, or about to happen. I sensed it’s my dad and his wife. They lived an hour away out in the country. I called and got the recorder, I had to get there.

It’s after 11:00 pm when I leave, I get there around midnight. The house sets back in the trees. The first thing I notice is there’s no lights on. Even the yard lights I helped install are out. I slowly turned into the gravel driveway which leads around to the back of the house. Just as I got near an old pick-up truck came racing around the house through the driveway. It comes right at me with it’s headlights at full beam. They veered around me into the yard. I could hear the tires squeal when the truck hit the road. Then they turned their lights out while they drove away. It seemed like they’ve done this before.

Pulling around the house the garage lights come on. My dad opens the overhead door. I asked if everyone was alright. He said they were in bed and all the noise woke them up. He asked me what I was doing out there that late. He didn’t believe me until I showed him the muddy tire tracks in the front yard. We found the yard lights were shot out with a BB gun. I told him about the cat pawing my face to wake me up. Dad had found Stinky as a kitten. He picked him up while they sat outside one evening. He told me Stinky had pawed his face several times while he held him. Stinky knew something was going on that night…




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