Spirit Chatter

I’ve always heard another dimension of life other than ours in the background. It’s just another part of all the daily noises. I’ve learned to tune it out, but will listen sometimes. Where I live now is a quiet area. I get a good sense of my surroundings just by the sounds. Lately, what has usually been tuned out, I have been listening too, trying to learn why I hear this when no one else does. Why have I been chosen to hear these things? Why me?

This “Gift” has had an impact on how I have grown up. Hearing the far off comments behind my back. Seeing the looks I got. Remembering the people who were once my friends. All of this has cultivated me into this person. What I remember the most through all the years are people that have nothing in common with each other stating I stare off looking at nothing. That was better than telling them I’m listening to something they can’t hear. I learned to never talk about it.

I tried to put together a recording of what I hear. It’s not exact but just to give you an idea. Mostly it’s mumbling conversations. Occasionally words or sentences. Sometimes it sounds like a different language or an AM Radio frequency. Click HERE to listen.




7 responses to “Spirit Chatter

    • I wasn’t familiar with the software i used. I tried to make it more of a whisper and less bass. Usually if I hear them I’ll say “I can hear you”, or “you’re making a lot of noise”. My best conversations are in dreams

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  1. Hey Mike,
    It seems like you participated in my blogging challenge in your own unique way. Or maybe not, but you did address some of my questions, hmmm.
    Being gifted is not for the faint hearted or weak. I speak from experience. I hope to spend some of my energy supporting us gifted folk during the course of 2015.

    You were not chosen in vain. 😉

    peace for you in every breath.


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  2. I often hear things and sometimes see, as a paranormal investigator I document my findings such as EVP’s (voices of spirits caught onto audio) Pictures and even stories of my own experience in my home since my great grandmother passed away, I hear her sometimes, especially her footsteps upstairs and even saw a strange black shadow in my own room, I don’t know if that was her or not but it was creepy! Xxxx

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    • I take pictures a lot when I feel something. But they turn up nothing. i’m sure one of these days I’ll get one. But the shadows, I’m use to them. I have to get un-use to them and see what they’re really about.


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