Blue Lady

I’m off work this week, nothing is planned. Getting up early is the last thing on my schedule. This morning I woke up and had to go to the store. I’m set on groceries for a while but for some reason I just had to get up and go. Barely cleaned up, brushing my teeth and splashing water on my face was good enough. This was 5:30 am maybe close to 6 by the time I got there. Aimlessly walking in, I just started going up and down the aisles. By the third aisle my cart was still empty. Before entering the check-out area I noticed one. She was in all blue. Blue pants, coat and it looked like blue gloves. I zigzag through the store and she turned up the next aisle I was headed. Some how she was at the opposite end by the time I turned the corner. Her cart was in the center and she stepped to the left with her back turned. Rarely have I come across an older female, maybe early thirties. Everything was blue about her. The cloths, the aura.


As I got closer to her time slowed down, sounds stopped, I didn’t have any body feelings. She didn’t move her cart out of the way as I got nearer. At the last second she looked at me, locking eyes. Her skin was white and soft. I kept walking and had the feeling I disrespected her. It felt like she was a superior and I owed her the privileged of our meeting. The rest of the time she never came down the aisles, instead she stayed at each end quickly passing by. She seemed almost panicked.


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