I don’t know if I’m being more aware of what’s going on around me now. Not ignoring my senses is either opening another door, or I’m really aware of what I can do. Since I’ve started keeping notes and posting them to this blog, strange things occur. My notes being one of them. I’m computer literate, I know how to store and back up documents and media. I have local storage, a backup drive and cloud storage. I have no virus or malware. What I find are my notes edited or half way deleted. They’re different on all three mediums. Other things I’ve found are my chargers all unplugged. It takes a little effort to get them out. My furniture gets moved. I’m anal retentive, I know how I leave things. I’m not messy or disorganized. It’s this place I moved into. Something is here. I don’t want to base my blog around this, but it’s getting too obvious. Just last weekend I was napped out on the couch, it was bumped. It was enough to hear and feel which woke me. I found my shoes stacked on top of each other in the closet. The smell of cigarette smoke comes and goes and I don’t smoke, burn incense or candles. I can always hear the sound of someone near me, like movement, breathing, or the cracking of the diarthrodial joints. I snap photos but nothing shows up. There’s no change in the background chatter I normally hear. That’s another thing; I’m trying to duplicate what I hear as background chatter. It’s several layers of sound. Using audacity, I had created a few .wav files. All three files weren’t any good when I went to mix them. I tried using vlc and the .wav files wouldn’t play even though it said there was a 135kb file there. I have a lot to post, something doesn’t want me to doing it…


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