The House I Grew Up In (Part 5)

Shadow Under The Window

Summer 1980

My high school girl friend “D” and I were very close.We were alike in a lot of ways. Hanging out doing nothing was our best times, we just enjoyed each others company. I never mentioned “the gift” to her. She had always put off a golden green aura, even years later when we had gotten back together just to hang out. “D” and I always seemed to start where we left off no matter how long we were apart.

One afternoon “D” and I were high and just hanging out in my bedroom. This is the same room upstairs I’ve talked about in earlier stories. The phone rang and I went down to the kitchen to get it. My bedroom was set up so the bed faced the window. If a car drove past or someone walked by outside, the shadows would follow around three walls of the room. When I got back to the room “D” was sitting at the foot of my bed. I asked her what she was doing. She said she was watching the shadow going back and forth under the window. I didn’t say anything, we just sat back and watched…


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