Shadow Pet

   People who have no pets say they’ve seen an animal run across the room only to find there’s nothing around. The first time I saw one was in my Uncle’s basement. It was a family room with a kitchen and a bedroom in the rear. It was a holiday, I’m not sure which one. I’ve never been much of a conversationalist so I sat just listening to everyone else’s random babbling. I saw a movement from the steps over to the couch where I think my Aunt and Mom were sitting. At first I just thought someone’s movement made a shadow through the lighting. That was until I saw the identical shadow dart from the couch back towards the bedroom and right past my Uncle who was sitting on a stationary bicycle talking to us. What stuck out the most was my Uncle telling us a story about seeing a little dark shadow run behind his couch upstairs a few months later.

   My old cat was an attention getter and had to constantly be near me. If I sat down he wanted to sit with me. I could always see him watch things, which I thought all cats did because they’re nuts. If someone knocked at the door or rang the doorbell he would jump up on his hind legs with his ears back completely alert. One evening while we were watching T.V. he’s suddenly alert on the couch and looking into the dining room. I don’t hear anything, but he’s zeroed in on something. I sat up and looked into the dining room and at the archway I see what looked like a dark transparent shadow of a small animal. It could have been a cat but there was no detail in it. It was above the floor about 3” but there were no bottom halves of its legs. Just then my cat digs his back claws into my leg and jumps off the couch, that’s when the shadow darts across the room behind the entertainment center. This huge wooden stand was only a few inches from the wall, even my cat can’t get behind it. He patrolled the entire area highly alert, his ears back, eyes wide open and his half tail puffed out.

   I know what I saw happen and I wanted to see what this was. I moved the stand out. The cat runs in behind it. There’s nothing! I got use to seeing this shadow pet. I’ve seen this in other homes. Not only inside but outside, too.



5 responses to “Shadow Pet

  1. Maybe once or twice a year, I think I have a visitation from my old dog. The most recent time, I was SURE my new dog had jumped up on the bed and curled up behind my knees. When I went to pet him, there was nothing there. These occasions are a little bit scary, but mostly comforting.


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