Dream of Dark

A few nights ago a vivid dream seemed real. When I woke up it felt like it just happened. The smells were still in the air and my body was tensed up. I was surrounded by dark openings. The voices coming out were telling me I’m one of them. “You have everything we need”, I remember being whispered in my ear. I couldn’t speak, my mouth couldn’t move. Finally, with every ounce of energy, I yelled into the larger black void in front of me, “Get off of me! I’m not one you.” That’s when I woke up.

It felt like my lips were chapped. I reached over for the light and as my eyes focused the room slowly lit up. Like a shadow moving away from the light, slowly across the room. I lay back in bed and listened. Two faint voices faded, it could have been outside but it was close. I get to the bathroom and needed a drink of water. My lips felt so dry. I turn on the water and wait a moment. Looking into the mirror, this is what I see on my bottom lip.


My teeth don’t line up to the marks. Was this what they meant by “I have what they need”? Something is in this place I moved to. Whatever it is, it has my attention.


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