Unfortunate Fortune

Wednesday morning, the middle of the week. I woke up just before the alarm went off. I do my morning routine and I’m out the door. No dew on my windows, for once I can jump in and go. Saying hello to the stray cat I haven’t named yet, I’m off to my destination. Half awake, I notice there’s hardly any traffic for 7:30am. I don’t catch any stop lights; no one pulls in front of me. No trucks as I near the highway interchange. I went 14 miles without stopping. At my destination, my parking spot’s not taken nor is a delivery vehicle in front of it. I go inside, surprisingly there’s no one lingering in the lobby for morning small talk. I really hate when they’re all sitting there ready to talk as soon as I walk in. The day is so uneventful it sticks out as big event.

A little after 11:00am we order Chinese to beat the lunch crowd. I treated and went to pick it up. Again, no traffic and didn’t catch the stop light. Going in to pick up the order there was no wait. We made our exchange and I headed back. The orders were divide up. Everything is there and cooked just right. I hate greasy egg rolls or greasy Crab Rangoon; this was perfectly crispy and dry. The lunch was awesome and, of course, it’s a big deal to others that never eat Chinese to open a fortune cookie. “What’s yours say”, was the main phrase for the moment, followed by white Americans trying to be funny with an Asian accent as they read the fortune’s inside. Being the most uneventful but memorable day I can remember in a long time, my fortune cookie was just as oddly uneventful and one I’ve never seen before:



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