October 21st, 2014 was a cool rainy day. I wanted to be outside to breath in the clean air filtered by the woods. I walked longer than I should have. My foot was pounding with pain but I wanted to get back to my place before it rained again. My boots were muddy; sitting at the door stoop I took them off and breathed in the cold wet air. Through the rustling blown leaves a voice came through. A sound of concern, but not a distinguished set of words. I turned my head to determine the direction it was coming from, breathing slower to catch the raw sound. The wind stopped momentarily. As I slowly un-tuned my senses, calm and relaxed set in. My vision focused. Sitting directly in front of me was a toad. He wasn’t there when I walked up to the door. Although, fairly well camouflaged and blending in with the sidewalk and blowing leaves, I would have seen it. Why was a toad out in 40 degree weather in the rain? We just watched each other. As I moved my camera closer to get a picture, he turned to look into the phone. I don’t know how to take care of a toad, but if I did…



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