I need to keep track of things that happen. I’m use to forgetting them because I learned to never talk about it. I finally got into this century and purchased a smart phone, now I can at least leave voice notes to myself or get pictures, which usually turn up nothing.  Here are five topics to keep track of:

1. Numbers. I keep repeating 5795 over and over in my mind. I don’t know anyone’s phone number that ends with those four digits or why I need to know it. Nothing I can think of has any attachment to these numbers.

2. A Shape. I keep getting a picture of this shape in my mind. shapeUsually when I get a visual of something for no reason I’ll find later it’s attached to a person I have brief but intermittent contact with.

3. Sparrows. Sparrows are like cats, everywhere I’ve lived a sparrow will come up to me. They’ve come to my windows, my patio or on my porch, they’ve even came up to me while I’m on the porch. The birds just look at me and in no hurry, turn and casually sit before flying off. It’s like they’ve been keeping an eye on me all my life.

4. Animal Attacks. I get this overwhelming feeling I’m going to be attacked by a large animal. In the last few years these fears have led to a personal or public tragedy. There have been two public attacks reported on the national news and just lately a personal tragedy to an old friend. I will start posting these feelings when they happen and see what comes with them in the following days.newquarters

5. Quarters. After I wrote about Quarters, I’ve found three. Oddly, one was on the floor of my truck under my feet. I don’t carry cash or change. I use my bank card for everything. One stuck to the bottom of my shoe? It fell from under the dashboard? I don’t think so…


3 responses to “Seeing

  1. Wow you think like me….my dog was chewing on something …I took it away it was a human tooth…in the house…he doesn’t roam he is a house dog we have lived here 2 years….

    I often get Christmas songs pop in my head summer, spring year round …I don’t even like Christmas that much.

    I find pennies everywhere, not really odd but I won’t touch them unless I know they are heads up


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