Lights Under The Door

July 1980:

For a while my bedroom was downstairs. There was a back door I could go in and out at any time. Next to the bedroom was the family room. This meant the door to my bedroom stayed shut most of the time. One night, it was late; there were the sounds of someone moving around upstairs. It sounded more like a dog going up and down the stairs. A strange sound but it wasn’t anything alarming. Around 3:30 am I finally turned out the lights and went to bed. After barely falling asleep a bright flash woke me up. It wasn’t the kind of flash like a car driving by, more like a camera flash bulb. My eyes open, I could feel someone in the room. Reaching over to turn the light on I could see light coming from under my door. It appeared to be moving up the stairs. My first thought was a burglar.

I got out of bed slowly trying not to make any sound and opened the door. Looking through the cracked door I could see the wall lit up like a small flashlight was shining towards it. The circular motions of the light were odd enough for me to open the door and take a look. In front of me were three small floating lights. Each was circling one another. The opaque white lights appeared to acknowledge me. I could sense they wanted to go upstairs. They moved towards the steps then moved back to me until they went farther up the stairs and stopped. I followed them up to the living room where I found the front door had been left open. I closed and locked the door; the lights flowed into the kitchen. Still mesmerized by them I kept following. There wasn’t any sound of me walking on the squeaky hardwood floors, everything was a muffled silence.

Getting into the kitchen the lights moved quickly towards the back patio sliding door. It was standing open, too. I don’t know why any of us went to bed with all the doors left open. I flip the curtain over to get the board we put in the door track to lock it. LightsOutside the glass doors the three lights suddenly flashed brighter. There, illuminated in the lighting, was Patrick. He was known to break into cars, steal bikes, and just a thief in general. We locked eyes, he knew he was caught. Doing what criminals do best when caught in the act, he ran off. The three lights hovered as I closed the sliding glass door and put the board in place. Then, like a fading ember, they dimmed into nothing.



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