The House I Grew Up In (part 4)

Circa 1970:


Time went on in our house. Eventually the basement was turned into a family room and the other half a bedroom.  My older brother took over the bedroom shared by my little brother and myself. I took the smaller room next to it. Our grandmother gave us a black and white T.V. on a cart which we shared by rolling it to each other’s bedroom. One afternoon I was building a model car. The T.V. was in my brother’s room. I kept hearing the T.V. button clicking in and out going off and on, and then it started changing channels. The knob kept clicking one channel at a time. I assumed my brother was in the room.

After a while I got bored with the model and left it to dry. Being nosey walking past my brother’s room, I looked in because the door wasn’t completely shut. Someone was moving around so I opened the door as I knocked on it. Suddenly there was the rushing sound of something trying to hide in the front right corner of the room where the desk was. There were shadows blending together.desk The first small shadow under the desk was met by a second one to form a semitransparent darkness. Frozen, the only thing I could do was look. That’s when my brother came in the front door and up the stairs. He asked me why I was in his room. All I could do was point at the corner. He asked, “Did you hear the T.V. come on?” pointing at the corner, I said “Don’t you see that under the desk.”  We both walked in his room. He said the night before the T.V. turned on then off. When he looked the center of the screen had the glowing dot that’s left after it shuts off. He also said when he sits at the desk he can hear a muffled sound of a radio in the distance.

The memory of my dad standing in the exact same spot holding my broken AM radio kit yelling at me crept back …


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