The Gift

   I know I’m odd and try to act as normal as possible. I keep a distance from people and I don’t let them get close to me. I will talk to you if it will get you to leave me alone. This is the strange behavior picked up by the curiosity of knowing I can see things others can’t. I try not to draw attention to myself in public. I don’t like attention and I especially hate crowds and anything loud. While I am out in public, sometimes I get the feeling someone knows about me. They’re watching and I can feel it. This use to be disturbing to until a girl in my neighborhood came up while I was sitting out.

   I was having a Black and Mild cigar on my patio and didn’t want to stink my house up. The girl was with her brother, they looked alike so I’m making it her brother. They stop at my walk. The little boy continued to play with his truck but the girl stood there with her hands shading her eyes from the sun and stared at me. I said hi to her and she kept staring. I asked if she was O.K. and she said, “I seen a ghost in our house”.  As fast as she told me that, I said “I see them all the time”. Without hesitation she replied, “Yeah, I know”. She turned to her brother and said “lets go home now, c’mon”.

    I’ll look around in crowds. Once in a while a Gifted one is there among the colors. We just look and acknowledge that we both know. There’s no words, very little if any.  We act the same, quiet with an anxious tranquility. That’s the best way to describe it. If you see one of us, keep watching. You might see something  you can’t explain.


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