The House I Grew Up In (Part 3)

January 1968:

   For Christmas one year I got a do-it-yourself AM Radio kit. I assembled it with my dad’s help and we ran an antenna out to the tree in the front yard. I was amazed by it. I played with the dials and tried to tune in stations. It was mostly static. What did come through, no matter where I went along the dial, was a low pitched voice. I couldn’t make out the words but he had a distinct hissy laugh, more of a chuckle. He would say a few lines of dialogue then laugh. It didn’t sound like English. There would be a few paragraphs of dialogue a pause then repeat the same thing over through all the static.

   One night, while we were asleep, the radio fell from the window. It was loud with all its loose plastic parts going everywhere on the hardwood floor. The sound woke everyone up. My dad wasn’t happy, it was late and they get up early for work. He asked me why I pulled the antenna inside. There in his hand was the entire length of string we used to reach the tree. I was afraid to answer. Looking around him, I could see the drum stick we used as an extra window lock for the bottom sash was still wedged in the aluminum track.

   Someone or something, deliberately knocked the radio off the window sill and somehow managed to pull 20’ of string out from under a locked down aluminum window without fraying it or undoing the knot that tied it to the tree. I never saw the radio again after that.


5 responses to “The House I Grew Up In (Part 3)

  1. Ever since we have lived here whenever my husband calls when he gets out of work,there was always background noise..I figured it was the radio or he had the windows open, etc. I brought it up many times because I always have a hard time hearing him…his end is clear….I just after 2 years and recent problems with just about anything with power realized….its what sounds like a voice….that e.v.p. kind of rough voice same pitch always… I have recently tried to listen the only thing I made out is “house”….its just to hard to decipher… is that possible? …he has had several phones in the last couple years, and changed trucks, bit it remains the same…you seem to have abilities what to you think?


    • I have a log of subjects I was going to write about and this is one. I hear background chatter most of the time. It’s usually drown out by everyday noises. I don’t have any answers to any of it but it’s good to know I’m not the only one it happens to.


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