Cat Through The Window

Several years after I put my 20 year old cat to sleep, he let his presence be known. The sounds were real enough for me to look to see if he was inside the house. There was a side window that I kept locked and never opened and the blind stayed closed because of the bush in front of it. This made a good hiding place for someone to get in. For a few days I could hear the faint sounds of a litterbox, or the far away crunches of dry cat food being eaten. At one point I even called his name.

DSCF0003_rsSitting watching T.V. one night, I could hear what sounded like a cat clawing the carpet. It was audible enough that I turned the sound down just to make sure that’s what I just heard. I looked over at the side window and noticed a black smudge on the wall under the sill. I got up to see what it was. As I got closer I could see it was a cat’s paw print coming down from the window. On the sill was a partial print. I raised the blind to see if the window was open. DSCF0004_rsThere was a line of dust outlining the blind that sat untouched on the sill for months, and the window securely shut. After a thorough check throughout my house, there were no cats inside.




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