I’ve always found quarters in strange places. I bought a new car there was a quarter in the glove compartment. I look through old boxes, there’s a quarter at the bottom. I hike down a deer trail along the creek, I find a quarter. I never find pennies or nickels or even dimes. It’s only quarters. I asked my younger brother if he was putting quarters in my trunk while I visited him a few years ago. “Why would I do that?” was his reply.

Finding quarters happened so often I don’t even remember when it started happening. I think it became noticeable when I lived in Florida. I didn’t have a phone and always used pay phones. Calls were 25 cents. On several occasions, after I talked to my dad long distance to Ohio, a quarter would come out the change return even if I had used dimes and nickels to make the call. I saved my quarters for the laundry-mat. I wouldn’t use them to make phone calls.

After I had posted “Music Box Dancer”, it finally made sense.  I only took quarters from my mom’s purse. When I quit taking them, and started asking, that’s all I would ask for. Foosball was 25 cents a game. My mom was still making her presence known by giving me quarters.


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  1. I heard a woman tell a story on a TV show years ago. It had to do with her mother’s conversations while on her deathbed. Her mother told her that when she is gone she will still be with her in spirit. She would let it be known that she is with her by leaving pennies. Sure enough, some time after her mothers passing she started finding pennies. Not just on the ground or in places where just anybody might leave loose change. She would move things in her house such as a lamp and there would be a penny underneath it. And it happened all the time.

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