The Stairs

When I first looked at this place it had a feeling of heaviness in the air. I liked it because of the location. The woods right outside my door, the quiet and isolation. I moved from downtown Columbus and couldn’t wait to get out of there.  While unpacking and putting things away I kept feeling someone near me. You get the sound of movement and a life near you. Something’s happened here and I wasn’t getting the story from the owner.

I set up my computer to the t.v. in the living room. It’s my home theatre system. I spend a lot of time on the couch because of the comfortable environment unlike a desk area. I started noticing, in the evening, the stairs going to the second floor would creak. At first I just thought it was the house settling. It was constructed in the 1970’s. I never thought anything of it at first.stairs 830pm

Around 8:30 pm, every night, the stairs will sound like someone comes down and stops on the landing. This is every night. Sometimes it feels like someone is sitting on the steps watching what I have on the t.v. I have to look behind me, the feeling of a presence is that strong. But, of course there’s no one.




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