I Called Him “Man”

April 1965:

As a child we had a lot of babysitters. One in particular had a house with a shadow I called Man. I first met Man only as a set of eyes. My little brother looking up at the wall said, “There’s Man”, I looked up and there were eyes that appeared to be coming from a projector onto the wall. Only the kitchen behind us wouldn’t have room for a projector in the mid 1960’s. Man just looked at us, the eyes seemed to smile and faded away.

My second encounter with Man was at the bedroom just to the left as you came up the stairs. I was going to the bathroom but noticed someone and looked in the room. He was standing there in front of a chair. Being a brat, I threw a shoe at him only to hear it hit the wall. The same smile came from his eyes, he turned to his right and walked away into the shadows of the room.


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