first recollection: a dream

circa 1964:

The first time I ever recall an odd occurrence was in a dream. I was very young but still, to this day, I remember it vividly. It was a Black Dog or a dog shape, really. Black skin, with the texture like a dolphin with no fur. The head was like a Great Dane, the tail was short and pointed like a turtles. All together it was the size and shape of a Cocker Spaniel. Everything was proportionate to it’s size. I jumped on it’s back and rode down the stairs on him. He had a look of a male, it’s always been a male in my memory just by the actions it made. I only had that one dream of the Black Dog.
Later in life, in my thirties I’d say, I was bitten by a dog. This was the only time in my life an animal attacked me. It was an old black Cocker Spaniel.


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